Girl Scout Float Decorators

Rose Parade 2018

Event contact:

Kathleen Gavuzzi  

Cell/Text: 909.214.7918

fb group: girl scout float decorators @ fiesta parade floats - join for current INFO!

Registration for 2019      Rose Parade decorating OPENS 

September 2, 2018   1pm

The NEW 2018 decorator's pin is here!

2015, 2016, & 2017 decorator pins  are still available...

 We have stocked up!

The 2018 theme, "Making a Difference", is a way to honor and celebrate all the people in our communities, who quietly and without desire for reward or recognition, act in selfess, generous and kind ways to aid or benefit others. "It's about the human acts of kindness that enrich the lives of others and are the source of inspiration, hope, joy and optimism for all of us." - Tibbet