Girl Scout Float Decorators

Rose Parade 2019

Event contact:

Kathleen Gavuzzi  

Cell/Text: 909.214.7918

fb group: girl scout float decorators @ fiesta parade floats - join for current INFO!

Registration for 2019      Rose Parade decorating OPENS 

September 2, 2018   1pm

The NEW 2019 decorator's pin is coming!

2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 decorator pins  are still available...

 We have stocked up!

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your shift time begins.
  • ALL PAID OR NON-PAID TROOPS/GROUPS: Send one person to the Sign-In Table. 
  • Since you check in, you must also check out- ALL TROOPS/GROUPS. Any troop without a  check out time will only earn half a shifts pay.  When working two shifts, please send one adult to see Kathleen to sign out of the first shift and sign in again for the second.
  • There is no room inside the building for storage. All personal belongings, including purses, meals, etc., should be kept in your car(s). Any apparently lost items you find should be turned-in to us at the MOTORHOME and they will be returned providing there is a name and troop number on them. All unclaimed items will be discarded after December 31st. **We are not responsible for any lost items or theft.**
  • Please do not leave for meals until the break is officially called. We have a brief schedule of clean-up before the meal breaks, and by leaving early, you hinder that schedule.
  • No food or drink (only water bottles) is allowed inside the building. No alcohol is allowed on Fiesta Premises. Smoking is only allowed outside the building.
  • No one is to climb or sit on the float or scaffolding unless they have been assigned and trained to a specific job. Once their job is done there, they should leave the scaffolding as soon as possible. Be sure to clean up your area BEFORE you leave.
  • Remember to come prepared (mentally and physically) to wait around until you are assigned. You will be placed where you are needed and it requires time for the Supervisor to assess the needs for the day and get the different groups started. Be prepared! This is an opportunity to teach the girls patience and resourcefulness.
  • Please, keep your work area and around the float as neat as possible, dispose of empty containers as you empty them and clean any work area you use BEFORE moving on to another job. It’s much easier to clean as you go then to leave it all until the end when we have to completely clean before leaving for the day. Please keep the porta potty area clean! Don’t throw paper on the ground, and if you drop it PICK IT UP! If you see a problem, report it to Kathleen, Girl Scout Supervisor.
  • To participate in decorating on the overnight - "on the line", parents must understand that this night is NOT a Girl Scout event and there may not be adult supervision at times. Adults, Ambassadors, Seniors, older Cadettes and all experienced people will have priority and, you should let Kathleen know if you are interested.
  • For paid troops - you should expect your check in the mail by the end of April. Be sure to complete a "Money Earning Activity Form" and turn into your council prior to receipt of your check.
  • For non-paid troops - be sure to bring your community service paperwork to be signed.